Success Stories

“Penis size increased by almost 1 inch ”

Good news Frank.

Just completed my 15th week of your penis enlargement program. I can now confirm through first hand experience that what you claim is true.

The exercises have been very effective.

My penis length and girth that has increased by almost 1 inch.

I cant wait to see how much bigger my penis is going to grow over the next few months as i continue to use your program


“Exponential Growth”

Hi Frank,

I have to tell you that i’ve had great success with your methods.

I grew from just over 7″ to about 9.25″ and my girth has grown exponentially as well.

My wife says that it feel like there’s a tree limb inside of her and wonder if I had a penile implant.


“It Works!”

My penis is thicker, stronger and longer.

I gained about 1.5 inches in about five months. I am now close to about 8 inches.

My libido has also increased. When I wake up in the morning I just have this urge to screw hard.

I highly recommend this program to anybody who is serious about doing these exercises diligently.

It works and is good for your sexual health.


“My Sex Life is Amazing”

Hi Frank

I’m 25 years old and I have had this one problem I’ve been keeping to myself for years.

It’s my penis size. I’ve had many girlfriends in the past and all of them wanted a larger penis, it’s a must for them.

I had been searching for a solution for my problem forever, until i found your exercises Frank.

In just a short period of time I can feel the difference, my penis has grown 1/2 inch and I can feel my stamina increasing. My erection is hard as a rock now.

My current girlfriend is very happy about this. She can’t resist if I ask her to have sex with me, whenever, wherever.

My sex life is amazing!

Thank you Frank.


“My Girlfriend can Already Tell a Big Difference”

I purchased your book about 7 months ago. I used it for a few days and then gave up. However, I did not unsubscribe from receiving the e-mails.

Just last month, I received an e-mail from Frank and it really hit me and I started to do his exercises again and have actually stuck to them.

It’s been a little over a month and my girlfriend and I can both already feel a big difference, both in size and stamina.

I’m so thankful I did not completely give up because these exercises truly do work!

All you have to do is stick with it.


“65 Year Old Gets His Erections Back”

Hi Frank,

I’m sixty-five years old and have been doing your work out’s for the last eight months. I have grown over an inch, going from five inches to a good six inches.

My new wife for the last year is very happy with my penis because it is like a rock now.

Thank you for the help.


I checked in with I.J a while later and he had this to say…

Yes Frank I am doing okay.

I am the 65 year old from Canada who started your program about eight months ago. At that time I had gone from 5” to 6” and my erections became hard as a rock.

I am about 6 and 1/8 inches now and have gained a lot more in girth.

I feel really good about my gains and am very happy with what I have in size over all.


“I can definitely feel the difference!”

I started doing these exercises in November 2011 and now 6 month later I’ve grown more than 1 ½ cm in length which is about ½ inch.

I haven’t measured my girth but I can definitely feel the difference.

The first two months you have to consider as a warm-up, after that you will see and feel the changes every months.

Just get past the two month barrier and you’re good.

It does take time before you reach your goal, but it’s worth it.

If anybody has a problem with the size of their package, do these exercises 3 times a week or every other day…problem solved.

You’ll thank Frank, I did.


“Your report on quitting porn and masturbation is awesome.”

I’ve never looked at it the way you presented, but the more I read the more shocked i was to see how factual the information is.

I never considered myself a porn addict.

I didn’t sit around all the time looking at it, but I did watch it almost every other day.

I’ve taken your advice and have actually quit cold turkey.

I feel so much better now that I don’t even look forward to viewing porn.

I’m actually disgusted with my old self.

The advice in this report alone is worth the $14.95 I spent on your penis enlargement information.

I really appreciate everything you are doing and have started the penis exercises.

I look forward to more of your knowledgeable insight.

Thanks again.


“I feel better and more virile after doing these exercises”

Hi Frank

I want to thank you for your weekly newsletters!

My penis size has increased quite a bit. So much that it has drawn special attention from ladies at work.

I have started to noticed that their eyes are now drawn to my dick.

One of the experiences that occured was when this hot busty, round bottom, tan girl from work sat in my lap one day at work and asked for a massage, stating her husband is always working and does not usually give her massages.

Well, as i started to massage her back, I started to get a hard on, she felt it and started rubbing on it with her ass, I heard her say that she wanted to return the favor.

I started rubbing her breasts, as i heard her say how hard I was, I head her start to moan and say that she would not mind a sneak peak.

well, we went and found an empty room and when i dropped pants she said “Wow my husband is not even that big”.

(I’ll leave the rest to your imagination)

All in all, I feel better and more virile after doing these exercises

Thank you.


“Magical Exercises”

Hi Frank,

Just want to say thank you.

I am in the 3rd month of your course and have seen changes in my penis size.

It is longer and thicker and when I get erect now I am rock hard.

And all I did was follow your instructions and use the exercises 4 times a week.

When I first started doing your exercises I used to measure myself once a week.

Seeing no results I thought of stopping the exercises, but then I made up my mind that I would just do them and not worry about the results.

I am so glad that I stuck with it.

Yesterday after my shower I saw myself in the mirror and was shocked.

My flaccid penis was looking heavier, longer and bigger.

I am very, very happy that my consistency and dedication has paid off.

The most important factor in this was that I was not worried about getting results.

I just did the exercises and in 3 months my penis got bigger.

Thanks again Frank.

These exercises work but you need to be consistent, dedicated and not worry about seeing results.

Thanks to your magical exercises I am now super horny and ready for sex 24/7.

My girlfriend is very happy with me. She thinks and feels that I am doing this to give her pleasure and improve out love life.

She is also very happy that I am doing it in a natural way.

Your Fan, Student and Friend,


“Your stuff really works!”

Hello Frank,

I have been your student for the last two months..

I’m doing the exercises regularly as you said and following your instructions..I love to read your mails..

Of course , your stuff really works and I can feel tiny changes on my penis and I’m happy with this..


These are just a few of the penis enlargement success stories I have on file. And if you’d like to experience these types of incredible results go here and take a look at the program that produced them.