Penis Enlargement Pills

Do penis enlargement pills really work?

If you have a tiny wiener I’m sure you’ve asked this question dozens of times.

You’ve probably seen those late night infomercials and been tempted to pick up the phone.

And if I’m speaking to you it’s important you read this article now…

…because the health of your penis (And your wallet) depends on it.

You see, just like you I was once deeply unhappy with the size of my manhood.

I would lie in bed at night wishing there was a way to make it bigger.

“God, just give me 1 or 2 inches more”

That was all I wanted…

…one or two inches more.

Every now and again I would see those adverts for penis enlargement pills and wonder if they worked or not.

I mean, I figured if they were fake, then why were those guys allowed to continue advertising?

Then one day I saw a brand that seemed too good to be true.

So I picked up the telephone an ordered a couple of bottles.

You don’t need to know the brand, but it’s one of the more popular ones.

(But I’ll give you a hint, they run adverts in national magazines and on late night TV.)

I charged $99 to my credit card, put down the phone and immediately got buyer’s remorse.

What was I thinking!

And although I feel like a total idiot writing about it now, I guess I have no one but myself to blame.

Anyway, a couple of days later the package arrived.

I opened it up, screwed the cap off the bottle and immediately popped two pills into my mouth.

I’ll be honest with you…

…they tasted horrible.

(And smelt like burnt rubber.)

All I felt was a mild buzz and not much else.

Over the next couple of weeks I continued taking these so called penis growth pills, patiently waiting for something to happen…

…and excited to see what my new, bigger penis was going to look like.

“So what happened?”


Absolutely nothing…

Every time I took a pill I would feel a mild buzz downstairs, but not much else.

And over time even that diminished.

I started to wonder if I had been ripped off, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

Then I saw another brand of penis pills on the internet and decided to order them as well.

The day came when they arrived and I excitedly popped two into my mouth.

What happened?

The exact same thing as before.

After an initial buzz, my penis looked exactly the same, and I realized I had been played again.

“How I Got Addicted To Penis Enlargement Pills”

Anyway, you may find this hard to believe but over the next 12 months I ordered another 7 different brands of these pills and spent over $2,373.00

I just kept popping them into my mouth…

…I honestly couldn’t help myself.

And it might sound weird but I think in some strange way I became addicted.

Eventually it was time to admit I had been screwed over multiple times.

I realized the pills I had bought were obviously bogus and had done absolutely nothing to increase the size of my penis.

Funny thing is, every brand of these pills claims to come with a money back guarantee.

But I seriously doubt if anyone has ever tried to get their cash back…

…or else they would know there is almost no chance of being given a refund.

Every time I bought a new bottle I tried to get my money back, but was never successful, not even once.

And slowly it dawned on me I had been duped and there was nothing I could do about it.

I realized I wasn’t going to get anything (Let alone a bigger penis) and the pills weren’t going to grow my manhood.

“That’s When I Decided To Do A Little More
Research Into These So Called Penis Enlargement Pills”

What I discovered will put you off forever…

…but you will learn how to grow your penis larger.

You see, in the process I discovered the REAL truth about how to enhance your manhood.

And by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know the truth as well.

“Why These Pills Are A Joke…
…and No Self-respecting Man Would Ever Want To Take Them”

1. If you were honest with yourself you’d realise they are FAKE

Looking back, if I had just been honest with myself from the get go, I probably wouldn’t have been stupid enough to buy these pills.

It was really my own fault I got ripped off.

And heck, let’s not shit ourselves, there is no way they can actually work.

I mean at the end of the day this is just common sense.

And it should have been obvious to me.

I guess the reason why I fell for them is because I had a faint glimmer of hope they would somehow boost my penis size.

(Maybe this is also why you fell for this B.S. like so many other men.)

But it’s not surprising, I mean they make it sound as if they are filled with magic herbs, powders and ingredients.

And this is the second reason why they’re bull.

You see…

2. There’s no substance on earth that can make your manhood bigger

Every time I see an advert for pills which claim to grow your penis, they mention some exotic ingredient.

They claim to use unknown herbs “Recently discovered deep in the Amazon Rainforest, or the jungles of Columbia.”

Or Papaya extract or ground Rhino horn or a dozen other obscure and fantastic elements.

Then they’ll try to back this up with some bogus study (Which was supposedly done by a team of “Harvard scientists”) which claim the herbs do this or that or the next thing.

Seems convincing doesn’t it?

But the reality is this “Scientific proof” is total and complete rubbish.

And here’s something else you should consider:

How many guys actually investigate these ingredients?

I did, and what I discovered was surprising.

Most of these pills contain nothing more than a mixture of natural aphrodisiacs and herbs.

This is why you feel a type of buzz and get horny when you take them.

(And what usually also happens is you get a slight erection.)

Because the only thing they can really do is increase the blood flow to your penis for a couple of minutes but there is no permanent penis enlargement whatsoever.

And after you’re done taking the bottle, you penis will be the exact same size as it was before.

The effect is temporary and does NOT mean your penis is growing bigger.

But there’s also another reason why you think they’re working.

It’s called the “Placebo effect”

You see, maybe you’ve read the testimonials for a certain brand of penis enlargement pills, or maybe you’ve got a buddy who swore they did something for him.

3. But this is just the power of the placebo effect in action

You often hear about guys who use these products and claim their dong has grown bigger.

But the reason why this happens is because of something called the “Placebo effect.”

Basically it means he thinks they worked.

It’s just the power of his mind convincing him something is happening to his penis size.

And believe you me, your mind is extremely powerful and VERY good at tricking you.

But no matter what you think, these pills CANNOT increase your penis size and eventually you’ll realize this.

(Usually only after you’ve taken them for a couple of months and thrown thousands of dollars down the drain.)

Yep, those fancy and expensive ingredients are only going to end up peed out into your toilet bowl.

And really the worst thing about penis enlargement pills is the fact you actually took them.

You see, if you knew where they came from you wouldn’t let a single one pass your lips and that’s because…

4. These pills contain dangerous and unsafe low quality ingredients

Let’s get real here:

If you were some scumbag who was trying to get rich selling this stuff, you’d obviously want to maximize your profits.

So what would you do?

You’d get the pills manufactured as cheaply as possible.

And during my research I discovered this is 100% true.

They are thrown together in unsafe and unsanitary factories in 3rd world countries.

These outfits are run by people who call themselves “Contract manufacturers”

Basically you call up some guy and tell him you want 10,000 bottles of pills containing x, y, z ingredients.

There is no quality control whatsoever.

What’s more, the ingredients are often poisoned or tainted in some way.

Don’t forget, these are the factories that routinely have their products recalled because they contain things like Mercury and Melamine.

It’s not a pretty picture is it?

Not only that, they usually use the lowest quality ingredients, the “Left overs” that nobody else wants.

But here’s something even more shocking:

Often times these pills are a complete and utter con, and DON’T even contain what they claim to have inside.

Nope, instead they fill the capsule with rice powder plus colorants and flavorings to mask the taste.

Basically, the people who peddle these pills are exactly the same as the shady marketers who sell those worthless bodybuilding supplements.

(And God only knows what you are really putting into your body when you take them.)

So please think about your health before you make that order.

And if you don’t believe me here’s proof they’re…

5. Sold by absolute scum bags

The people who sell penis enlargement pills are honestly the world’s greatest bastards.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look at these examples:

Here’s a story about how one of these companies was sued.

And another.

And one where a man become sterile after taking a sexual enhancement supplement. 

And this dude snapped his penis during sex after taking penis pills.

The worst part is if you buy them it means they have your home address and telephone number.

Believe it or not I still get junk mail from these people (Even though it’s been years since I bought my last bottle.)

Plus I have telemarketers calling me at least once a week.

You see, what happens is they sell your details to other companies, which means you’re going to get promotions from dozens of other dick pill merchants.

And the final reason why you should never mess with this stuff is because…

6. Their so called “Money back guarantee” is both bogus and fake

The main way these guys trick you into buying their garbage is they offer a so called “100% money back guarantee.”

The deal is if you’re unhappy “At any point” you can call them and get your funds back.

Well, what you should do is buy a bottle and see if they honor their guarantee.

They won’t.

When I realized I had been bamboozled I was furious and immediately picked up the phone to get a refund.

I was put on hold, waited for about 45 minutes and then told there was nothing they could do because “All sales are final” and “The guarantee period had passed.”

I spent the next couple of months trying to get through to them, but found it was literally impossible.

These guys use every excuse under the sun…

…and know every trick in the book.

You’ll be told to send the box back so they can “See if you’ve actually taken them.”

Or you need to call this or that number…

(But as I said, when you do, they put you on hold for hours.)

Or you have to fill out a form and send it off.

Or your “Check is in the mail.”

Or they’ll send the money at the end of the month.

One day I finally got someone on the phone and all that happened was they tried to get me to buy more pills.

Eventually I gave up and moved on with my life.

And I’m glad I did because…

“I Then Discovered Something That Actually Worked”

If you’re unhappy with your penis size here’s the truth:

You don’t have to be a victim to the people who sell penis enlargement pills.

You don’t have to get ripped off or go through life with a dong you hate.

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