Products and Devices

What’s the deal with penis enlargement devices…

Do they actually work…

…can they grow your penis bigger…

…or is the whole thing a waste of time and money?

The answer to these questions is no, no and YES.

You see, once I got done ploughing my way through a dozen or so brands of penis pills, I realised there wasn’t any sex supplement or tablet I could take which would actually lengthen my dong.

“But I Still Wanted To Get Bigger”

And I was desperate to do it:

So I started thinking, and remembered those penis enlargement devices I had seen on the internet.

I wanted to know if they could actually do anything for my size and in this article you’re going to learn the answer to that.

Now, when I say “Devices” I’m talking about things like penis extenders, stretchers, pumps, traction harnesses, weights and funny suction tools.

Back in the day I would see this stuff all over the place…

…from my local adult shop, to the internet, late night TV, magazines and even my inbox.

But having experimented with them, I now know better and all I can say is avoid these products at any cost.

In fact, in my experience, they are far worse than pills.

Way, way worse.

I mean the pills are pretty bad for your body.

But not only do penis enlargement devices flat out NOT WORK, they can actually permanently and irreparably damage your sexual functioning.

In fact, there are 6 good reasons why you shouldn’t contemplate (No matter how small you are) using one of these products.

1. Like I said they just don’t work, and can permanently damage your penis

The main reason why you never want to use one of these gizmos is because they flat out just don’t work.

Not only that, they can ruin your sex life, cause stretch marks, decrease your sensitivity and destroy your ability to feel pleasure.

You see, the reason why things like traction devices and extenders don’t work is because they stretch out your penis for extended periods of time, and this places unnatural strain on your schlong.

And what you need to understand is that your manhood is a delicate and sensitive organ and doing this WILL eventually lead to serious, long term problems.

For example, the idea behind pumps and products that use suction is that, by placing your penis inside of a vacuum, you can stimulate blood flow and thereby increase your size.

Problem is, this is unnatural and your manhood was never meant to be put under this type of stress.

And what usually happens is the capillaries in your penis burst and you end up getting blood blisters and varicose veins, all of which affect the circulation in your organ.

This causes problems with your ability to get an erection and can even lead to permanent impotence.

Another big issue with these pumps and suction devices is that (Just like with penis pills) the effect is only temporary.

This leads guys to believe they are working, so they continue using them, which causes further problems like Peyronie’s disease, permanent tissue scaring and even a deformed penis.

Then there are people who claim attaching weights to your schlong can make it longer.

“But You’d Have To Be Insane To Do This”

You see, the issue with penis weights is that (Overtime) they damage your ligaments, which affects your ability to get hard.

The other issue is – assuming this method actually worked – weights cannot increase your girth.

So what happens is your penis becomes thin and stretched out like a piece of limp spaghetti.

(Which ironically only makes it look smaller.)

The scum bags who endorse this method claim it can increase your length, but not really.

And it’s the same with all of these products, the people who sell them claim their tools will make you bigger and thicker, but at the end of the day, they just don’t work.

In reality all their methods do is place an immense strain on your body…

…which causes pain, damage and can permanently and irreparably affect your sexual functioning and ability to get hard.

The other problem with these devices is that…

2. They supposedly take a long time to “Work”

The reason why so many men have hurt themselves with these things is because the people who sell them claim they take a very long time (i.e. never) to work.

I mean in the instructions they tell you to use it for 1, 2, EVEN 3 hours at a go…

…and to do this for up to 6, 12 EVEN18 months at a time.

But seriously, who would put themselves through that?

And no wonder there are guys out there who end up with deformed and mangled penises after using these products.

Not only that, do you really want to walk around all day with some funny device strapped to your penis?

Imagine if Christine in HR finds out, there’ll be hell to pay, believe me.

And picture this:

You’re driving somewhere and you get in a fender bender and your penis gets hurt or even ripped off.

Alright, I know this sounds absurd, but freak accidents DO happen.

And if you do get caught well…

3. They are downright embarrassing

If you’re using a pump, stretcher or extender, it really isn’t something you’d want people to find out about.

And if anyone does, believe me you’ll never live it down.

I once had a girl over and she comes out the bathroom with my pump and tells me, “I’m glad I found this before I slept with you.”

(I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me.)

Not only that, when you finally make the decision to order the thing, you’ll have to watch the mailbox like a hawk, hoping no one notices your “Triple X Bazooka Pump” is being delivered.

Plus you certainly don’t want it appearing on your credit card statement for your wife or girlfriend to see.

And while we’re speaking about your hard earned dollars…

4. They are incredibly expensive and cost a lot of money

If you ever visit a website that peddles these products the first thing you’ll notice is they cost a freaking fortune.

If you buy one you’re going to have to spend at least a couple of hundred bucks.

(And in this day and age who has money for that.)

For example, one of the extender devices I ordered cost me $399.95 and I’ve seen others which go for $499 and one’s that cost as much as $997.

And once you’ve bought it you’ll quickly realise that…

5. The quality of these products is extremely poor

Another thing I don’t like about them is how badly they are manufactured.

I mean really, the quality is a joke.

It’s like a said in my penis pills article, the easiest way for these losers to make money (Besides not honouring their refund policy) is to get their products made as cheaply as possible.

And just like with every other piece of plastic junk, the thing usually falls apart after one or two uses.

What you should also know is attaching it to your penis is unbelievably uncomfortable.

You’ll be surprised at how painful wearing them is and trust me you’re going to cut and hurt yourself.

And when you finally giving up on using the thing…

6. You’re stuck with it (For life)

The biggest drawback with penis enlargement devices is when you eventually figure out they don’t work, you’re still going to be stuck with the pump, extender or whatever for life.

And it’s like anything else that’s really expensive…

You spent way too much money to just throw it away, but at the same time you really don’t want to keep it.

So you’ll end up trying to sell your stretcher on the internet (Good luck with that ) or throwing it out the window of a moving car, or burying it in your back yard.

Truth be told I do use one of the suction devices to unblock my drain, but there’s not much else it’s good for.

Jokes aside, there is hope, and you don’t have to give up on your dream of growing a longer, thicker and meatier schlong.

“You CAN Get Bigger And You DON’T
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