Penis Enlargement Surgery

Ever wondered how penis enlargement surgery works?

It’s pretty simple.

You see, every man knows most of his penis is inside his body.

And in order to lengthen your manhood, surgeons draw this “Internal Penis” out of you.

They start by cutting your suspensory ligament (This is what connects your organ to your body) and pulling this internal penis out.

Then, to make your manhood fatter, they use something called an “Allograft.”

This is a type of penis implant, and is made from tissue which has been taken from cadavers and is stuffed into your penis.

Sounds disgusting right? Well it’s only just the beginning

Your body wants to heal itself and pull your manhood back inside.

So to prevent this, you need to attach weights to your penis, and you’ll have to do it for several hours a day for at least 6 months.

And once you’ve gone through all this pain and suffering, it takes another 6 months of healing, before your phalloplasty is fully complete, and your penis can be used again.

But guess what the worst part of all this is?

The fact that, at the most, you’ll only gain about half an inch of length and girth.

And I think you’ll agree with me the costs and risks are far too great.

Also, once a surgeon cuts up your penis, it will NEVER look the same again.

So even if he does add extra size, is it really worth it?

Plus there are a few more reasons why you should avoid having penis enlargement surgery.

1. The operation costs a lot of money

What most men don’t realize is these surgeries can cost you a small fortune.

While researching this topic I phoned around and discovered the average price is at least $7,000.

And don’t forget the procedure is unlikely to be covered by your medical insurance (Because it’s considered “Cosmetic” surgery) which means you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

Something else you probably haven’t thought of is the fact that…

2. It hurts like hell and takes a LONG time to recover from

As I mentioned above, it’s going to be at least a year before you can use your penis again.

What’s more, recovery is painful (Extremely painful according to the stories I’ve read online.)

Not only that, it’s not a simple in and out procedure, like getting a wart frozen off.

From start to finish it requires at least a year to complete.

Do you really want to take time off from work (That’s if you can take time off) so you can undergo a penis enlargement surgery?

Probably not.

Besides, what would Christine in HR think?

And even if the operation is successful…

3. Women WILL know you had “Work done”

You’re going to have scars and marks on your penis.

So there’s no hiding the fact you went under the knife, whether you like it or not.

And any women you’re with WILL know you were lame enough to have a penis enlargement surgery, and have issues with your penis size (And trust me they’re going to think it’s weird.)

Plus you’ll still have a tiny penis.

What’s more…

4. There’s no guarantee of success

If you look hard enough you’ll find 100’s of stories online where men’s surgeries were botched.

In addition to this, most guys are deeply unsatisfied with the results they get.

In fact, it’s more than likely the outcome will be very different to what you expected.

You’re not going to get nearly as much length and girth as you want, and you’re going to lose sensitivity.

(Plus, you may even permanently damage your manhood, and lose the ability to become erect.)

Sex will feel different, so will masturbating and your penis will never feel the same again.

Bottom line?

You should probably avoid getting penis enlargement surgery

It’s just like any other type of cosmetic procedure, people can always tell you’ve had work done and you always end up looking worse than you did before.

(Think of those horrible fake plastic tits you see on porn stars and those rich women who have weird looking face lifts.)

And if you’re actually considering one of these procedures let me tell you man to man.


No matter what (And no matter how good the surgeon is or how much you pay) you WILL be unhappy with the results.

And you WILL regret it.

Also understand this isn’t something you can undo.

You can’t turn back the clock and go back to the way you used to be.

But there is hope, because if you really want a bigger penis there is a way to get one

Truth is, you can enlarge your manhood.

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