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I can still remember like it was yesterday…

Needle dick!

Needle dick!

Needle dick!

I was standing in the middle of the boys locker room.

All around me my classmates were shouting and jeering and laughing at the top of their heads.

As usual, they were laughing at me and my tiny penis.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened, and it wouldn’t be the last.

I had heard every joke a hundred times, and they wouldn’t stop until the teacher came in.

(And even he would have a grin on his face.)

You see, ever since puberty I instinctively knew my penis was small, tiny and undersized.

It made me deeply unhappy, crippled my self-confidence and literally destroyed my self-esteem.

While my friends were out having fun with girls I stayed at home, watching internet porn and becoming more and more ashamed of my tiny penis.

Eventually I “Got lucky” and lost my virginity to a girl I knew in high school.

We started dating and I thought we were in love.

I was wrong and a couple of weeks later we had a fight and broke up.

But that wasn’t the end of it because she then started a nasty rumour that I had a micro penis.

And although she wasn’t exactly lying…

…it still hurt like hell.

Soon groups of girls were laughing and giggling at me as I passed them in the hall.

This destroyed my confidence even more, and the whole experience left me feeling like I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

After this I began avoiding sex entirely.

I would fill my lonely nights with internet porn, which made me feel even worse.

(Naturally, I couldn’t help comparing myself to those guys and their humungous penises.)

Over time I gradually became shit scared and terrified of getting into bed with a women.

And when I did pluck up the courage it was always a disaster.

They would have this disappointed look on their face as if I had let them down somehow.

“Some Women Were Even Callous Enough
To Say Nasty Things About It To My Face”

And the sex?

The sex was terrible.

I was useless.

A sexual zero.

My total lack of experience was glaring.

I had no idea how to make a women orgasm and would spend my time pointlessly fumbling while she lay there looking bored and frustrated.

And because I was so nervous I wound up developing chronic sexual anxiety.

This also led to me becoming a premature ejaculator.

After just a few minutes of thrusting I would orgasm and be left shame faced and embarrassed.

It started to seem as if my porn addiction and little penis had completely ruined my sex life.

I was completely desensitized and my erections were weak and soft.

And if I did somehow get a girlfriend, my insecurity meant I would lose her after just a couple of weeks.

I couldn’t help myself and always asked about their previous boyfriends and who was bigger and better in bed.

This was a huge mistake, and left me feeling ashamed and humiliated.

For example, one of them told me with a smile that her ex-boyfriend was 8 inches long and hung like a horse and made her cum every time.

When she said this, it felt like daggers in my heart.

Eventually I somehow got a steady girlfriend.

We fell in love (Or so I thought) and got engaged.

But 3 weeks before the wedding I overheard her on the telephone telling her sister about the guys she was screwing behind my back.

And how sex with me was “So boring” because I always did the same thing (Every time) and had a teeny-tiny penis.

I was heartbroken but thank God I had the balls to call off the wedding.

After this happened I spent months in a deep depression watching porn, playing video games and eating pizza.

I knew my penis size and lack of confidence was to blame for all my problems.

But I still had no idea what to do about it.

“And This Was The Point Where I Took Control”

I made up my mind and decided I would no longer live with this pain.

If there was a way to make my penis bigger I was going to find it (No matter how difficult or how long it took me.)

I began researching everything I could about this subject.

And as part of my research I tried out every available penis development product on the market.

I started with penis enhancement supplements…

Then I tried penis enlargement pills and patches and even funny tasting herbs…

After that I experimented with every single penis enlargement device I could find…

From pumps to stretchers to suction cups…

And at one point I even considered penis enlargement surgery…

(But after reading 100’s of stories of men who’s surgeries were botched, I realized it was a really bad idea.)

Finally I tried esoteric “Mind Power” methods and even hypnosis.

Ultimately I found none of the commonly available methods actually worked.

Not one of them did a damn thing for my penis.

And all I had done up to this point was waste massive amounts of time and money on garbage.

I was about to give up and accept life as a “Lesser man”, but then one day I had a revelation.

“I Was Getting Older I Realised One Day I Would Die, And I Didn’t Want To Go To My Grave Without Having Dealt With This Problem”

At that point I changed tactics and decided instead of wasting my money on B.S. penis enhancement products, I would try to solve the problem myself.

I began researching the male anatomy and turned my research into experiments.

Using my body as a human guinea pig, I started testing them…

And through painful trial and error I slowly discovered there were legitimate ways to enlarge your penis size.

And by the time I was done I had managed to grow my manhood by an additional three inches!

I was longer, fatter and thicker all around.

Plus I had learned how to build up my stamina until I could last as long as I wanted to…

The secret of how to have male multiple orgasms…

And how to how to “Spray my load” like a Porn Star…halfway across the room.

(BTW, I also managed to finally kick my porn habit for good.)

After this life began to change.

Big time.

Having a larger penis dramatically improved my confidence around women.

And I finally started to enjoy the type of success with them I had always craved.

“Now It’s Your Turn”

You see, I know for a fact there are millions of guys out there with men’s health problems.

Problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation, weak, soft erections and small penises.

I know what it means to suffer and have to live with these issues, grinding you down, day after day.

Let’s be honest here guys, if you have a small penis you’ll be regarded as a joke by most women.

(And most men as well.)

This is why I want to help you.

I’ve made it my mission in life to spread the word about natural penis enlargement.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if this stuff became as common place as breast enhancement surgery?

This is my goal…

I believe every guy should have the option of maximizing his penis size…

…which is why I’ve spent the last decade teaching my penis enhancement methods to 1000’s of grateful men.

These men have seen fantastic size increases.

They have grown their penises by 1, 2, 3 EVEN 4 inches.

And now it’s your turn.

But it’s up to you, because, if you want to increase your penis size, all I can do is show you how.

The rest is up to you…

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Until next time.


Frank Ferrazi