The (Unfortunate) truth about penis enlargement before and after pictures

I’ve decided to mix things up a bit today.

Lately I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions about my website “easy penis enlargement.”

And in this article I’m going to answer a few of them.

You’ll learn:

• The sad truth about penis enlargement before and after pictures.

• How long it takes to see results using penis growth exercises.

• Why my system is better than the rest of the garbage you’ll find online.

• 2 reasons why you should never believe sites that promise “Quick and Dramatic” results.

• Why you shouldn’t trust Wikipedia when it comes to this subject.

• And the real reason why doctors tell you penis growth exercises can lead to injury.

Then I’ll show you the proof that penis enlargement is real.

You’ll see actual student testimonials and penis enlargement videos which prove it’s more than possible.

Let’s start with the question I am most often asked:

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: What you have to realize is there are many factors which determine the rate at which your penis grows.

Things like your unique body composition, technique and the amount of time and effort you put in all play a role.

Growth rates are different for everyone and some of my students have gained 1 inch in the first three weeks alone.

But typically you can expect to see tiny changes in your penis size by the end of the first 7 days.

And most guys who use my techniques for 3 to 6 months see an average size increase of 1-2 inches.

I know this is not what you will read on other sites.

And this is not what you want to be told.

Most of you want to hear me say “Use these penis enlargement exercises for 6 weeks and you’ll add 4 inches to your penis size.”

But I’d like to think I’m better than that.

And I’m not going to lie to you.

I am committed to helping you increase your penis size and part of that commitment is to give you the right information.

(And most importantly tell you the TRUTH.)

Q: I have seen so many sites all promising to be the best.

What makes your techniques different?

A: My site has been on the web for over ten years now.

What’s more, I have been increasing the size of my penis using my own methods for a lot longer than that.

Plus I have taught them to 1000’s of men and have received 100’s of success stories and testimonials from these men.

When I first started there were just a tiny handful of penis enlargement sites on the net.

Now look at it!

There are 100’s.

But the reason why I’ve been here for over 10 years is because my techniques work.

Guys who have used them know this.

They know my methods are real and give them real results.

I do not peddle hype, snake oil or false promises that are impossible to deliver.

Q: But I see other sites that promise quicker and more dramatic results?

A: Remember the old saying “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is”

This goes double for penis enlargement.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you it takes time and consistency to see a definite increase in your penis size.

(Although the upside is, you only have to use my techniques for 10-15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week.)

But of course fake sites will tell you the opposite.

They play on your desire for fast, easy results and will make outrageous claims to lure you in.

But no matter what they promise, you are not going to gain 2-3 inches in 6 weeks with their methods.

Q: Do you have customer testimonials or penis enlargement proof you can show me?

A: Yes and I can do even better than that.

Here’s a video testimonial one of my students sent me.

I also receive 100’s of testimonials via e-mail.

Like these ones:

And I’m actually building a page to put them on.

It’s not done yet (I’ve only got a couple up so far) but if you want to take a look at some of my more outrageous success stories go here.

Q: I’ve read the Wikipedia article on penis enlargement.

According to them you cannot grow the size of your penis and it seems most doctors also agree.

So how can you claim to be able to do what they cannot?

A: What you have to realize is just because something’s on Wikipedia doesn’t mean it’s true.

And another thing a lot of people don’t know is this:

Wikipedia is very political these days and has many contradictory entries.

What I mean is, if the general consensus is x = y then x = y.

There is no changing the editors minds, and the truth does not play a role.

Also the debate on the validity of claims regarding penis enlargement methods is huge.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t believe everything you read on that website.

And the medical establishment is no better.

They are VERY biased.

To them there is no need for it.

Doctors are trying to heal sick people and having a small penis is not seen as an illness.

(No matter how “Sick” it makes you feel.)

So they have little to no interest in supporting these methods.

And have no experience with male enhancement whatsoever.

They therefore have no idea what they are talking about which is a big problem because people generally believe anything a Doctor tells them.

But here’s the problem with that.

You’ve may of heard Doctors warn against doing any kind of penis growth exercises.

They claim these exercises lead to injury.

But the reason why they say this is because they are only exposed to cases where the exercises have LED to injury.

Think about it…

The only reason why someone would go to a urologist to complain about penis exercises, was if he had injured himself when doing the exercises.

On the other hand, if the methods were successful, and his penis size had increased, he would never have gone to the Doctor.

Q: I’ve seen some very convincing penis enlargement before and after pictures on other sites.

Are these pictures real?

A: The sad truth about these pictures is they are FAKE.

I know this for a fact.

And one of my top students also recently confirmed it.

He contacted me via e-mail and this is what he had to say…

“I’ve realised most of those penis enlargement before and after pictures are fake. I’ve seen the same one on four different sites so obviously it’s not real. Please tell me where they come from”

Yes those pictures are fake.

The ones you see on those sites are stock photos anyone can buy for a small fee.

And once they’ve got the pictures there are literally endless ways to manipulate them.

Using Photoshop and various lighting techniques you can make anything look BIGGER.

(Even a novice can make these pictures look convincing)

And to be honest with you, the most telling thing about these sites is they all claim to have user submitted case studies and testimonials.

But guess what?

I’ve run easy penis enlargement for over 10 years now and have never received a before and after picture from anyone.

Very few guys think to take pictures of themselves before they start my program.

And in reality most guys are very reluctant to give testimonials.

If they do send me one they certainly don’t want their real name displayed on it.

(This is why I put initials under the ones on my site.)

Consider this:

Would you want your name and a picture of your penis on the web for the whole world to see?

Most people don’t.

And that’s the sad truth about those penis enlargement before and after pictures you see online.

So do yourself a favour and forget about them.

That’s it for today guys.

I hope this Q&A session answered some of your questions.

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